Aging in Style with Lori Williams
Aging in Style with Lori Williams

Episode · 1 year ago

010. 55+ Active Adult Living - The benefits of living a Carefree, Maintenance-Free Lifestyle!


What's the difference between Independent Living and Active Adult Living?
What can an active adult community provide to its residents – and what are the benefits? These are common questions that this week’s guest, Beth McGee, is here to answer. Beth is a sales consultant for an age 55+ Active Adult Community called Overture Flower Mound. 

With a background in helping seniors move into new communities – handling packing, moving and getting settled – she draws from numerous experiences helping others make this life transition. 

Episode takeaways:

 - What active senior living means: It’s an age-qualified, active adult apartment community.

- The monthly rate covers rent as well as onsite amenities, events and educational programs that members can use to their advantage.

- Active adult communities allow for socialization and getting to know others in the same season of life, all while nurturing everyone’s independence.

- Residents are able to pick up new hobbies and interests in a quiet, safe environment. Hired instructors come teach, or residents can also offer classes to share their own passions.

- This community isn’t only for retirees – many tenants still work or volunteer.

- Many residents move to these communities because their kids have grown, their spouse has passed, or they simply want to downsize from the hands-on jobs that come with owning a house and lawn.

- It’s also a great option for those wanting security if they travel. 

- Rest assured: pets are allowed!

Topics covered:
- Active adult communities vs. other options for senior living- Benefits of the 55+ community
- Finding purpose as a senior and how these communities can help
- Staying social and active
- How COVID-19 has affected senior living communities
-How to find a new routine in an Active 55+ Community
-Luxury Active 55+ Communities

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