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Aging in Style with Lori Williams

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027. Kicking off 2021 with 10 Resolutions / Goals for Seniors


Finding purpose is vital at any age - especially for seniors. 

So setting a New Year’s resolution is just as much for them as anyone. While there’s no age limit on setting goals, there are certain ones that may come in handy for those in their older age. Plus, as the pandemic continues, resolutions for staying happy and healthy are as important as ever.In the first episode of 2021, Lori shares tips for being successful with creating new goals, as well as 10 New Year’s resolution ideas for seniors who need inspiration.

Topics from this episode:
- Setting goals as a senior
- New Year’s resolutions
- Organization for seniors
- Elder law attorney
- Medication tips for seniors
- Staying healthy as a senior
- Tips for reaching goals
- Finding joy and purpose

Takeaways from this episode:

- Goals are more attainable when you keep yourself accountable with realistic expectations, a vision board, and an accountability partner.
- Plan to become organized, whether you meet with an elder law attorney for will planning, schedule medical and dental appointments, or make a list of all medications for easy reference.
- Stay healthy, both mentally and physically: It’s always a good idea to continue learning and find ways that you can be active (in a way that makes sense for you).
- Make sure your home is decluttered and fall-proof. Falling and breaking something is one of the quickest ways to lose independence.
- Embrace technology to find joy, whether it’s to watch a new movie or connect with friends and family.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Episode about fall prevention with Jackie Archer:
How seniors can start Estate and Will planning to make conversations easier:
How to find purpose at any age:

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...found in my company, where I use my expertise to help seniors locate housing and resources. On this podcast, we cover all aspects of aging. Join US each week to meet senior living experts and inspirational seniors who are following their dreams. The fact is, we're all aging, so why not do it in style? Hi, welcome to today's show. AM So glad that you've tuned in to day. We are talking about resolutions and about setting goals and having a sense of purpose in our lives, no matter our age, and I think what a great time to talk about this. There's no better time because today is a brand new, brand new year. It is now two thousand and twenty one. We have said goodbye to two thousand and twenty and good riddance. I think we are all happy to be starting in New Year, starting fresh, and you know, have a lot of let of great goals and things we want to accomplish in the new year. So when I...

...started thinking about this show in this topic, I realize how people, if they're not working with seniors or lat a lot, or if they're much younger, you P I don't think about senior still setting goals and setting resolutions. But you know what I mean, it's something that everyone does. So whether you're eighteen and setting your resolutions for the new year or your eighty five and setting resolutions, I mean they may look different or some may be similar. I mean we probably all through that let's lose a little white exercise more on our list, no matter our age. So but let's talk about it and let's talk about that. No, there's no, no age limit on setting resolutions. We can set resolutions even if we're a hundred and five. So when we when we talk about resolutions or setting goals, and I know people hate to use the word resolution, so we'll just say, you know, goals, setting goals for in the New Year, some tips on how to manage those goals and make sure that they do happen, and we just a...

...week later just kind of forget that we were even had this discussion or, you know, sat down with a pin and paper and wrote down some resolutions. So we want to make sure our goals are manageable, right. So I mean I've personally am not going to set a goal that I am going to begin ice skating and become a famous ice skater because, one, I don't like cold, I don't like skating. My ankles hurt when I've tried to skate in the past. So that is not going to be a manageable goal for me because if I, you know, try to start skating, I mean it's just not even going to happen. So we're just going to throw that goal away. So we wanted to be a manageable goal, something that we can see ourselfs doing, something that we may enjoy doing. We're going to also share it with a friend or a family member, because if you share that goal, you put it out there. You can put yourself out there and you don't want to be like, Oh yeah, what was that goal you set last week and you've done nothing to move forward with it.

Also, charting your progress on a calendar is very helpful. Like, if you've decided you're going to exercise three days a week, maybe set on your calendar Monday, Wednesday, Friday and check it out when you do it. Creating a vision board is very helpful. I am a big, big Fan of vision boards. I've been doing them for five years and I think they're amazing. I just looked up at mine right now and you know what's on it. From two thousand and twenty podcast, and what am I doing now? A podcast. So you put what your dreams are on your vision board. You look at it enough and I think it works like with your subconscious, and you know it happens. You keep looking at it. I looked at podcast and it happened. Here I am. And then also really important, when you set up goal, don't give up on it, because the average time it takes to form a habit. Are you ready for this? Sixty six days. That sounds like a ridiculously long amount of time, but that's what it is, guys. So sixty six days on average to...

...form a habit. Okay. So let's talk about ten New Year's resolutions for seniors, and this could be for anyone, but I wrote these more like what seniors in mind. So number one, review your legal documents. Get yourself organized, and I think this is so important. And a lot of times I talk to families and they have no idea, any clue about their parents or their grandparents with their wishes are, what they have, you know, financially, what they have available, what their burial plans are? They don't have any of this stuff. So you want to get organized, you need a will, advance directives, meet with an elder law attorney and work all of this out. We did a podcast with an elder law attorney where he talked about all the different things that that you need to kind of pull together. So that's a good one to go back and listen to if you have it. Resolution number two, schedule your doctor's appointments, your Denist, your eye doctor, specialist if you have them. And the reason that I'm...

...really stressing this one is because of covid so many seniors have been afraid to go out, rightfully so, but they have neglected certain doctors appointments, like Dennist, I doctor, all these different even some of their specialists. So it's very, very important to go ahead and make this appointments. And you know, guys, I'm guilty too. I haven't gone to my eye doctor and over a year and they definitely need to set my appointment. So let's get back in the habit of getting those those doctors appointments and seeing our doctors regularly. Number three, take inventory of your medications. Very important. Ask Your Pharmacist for a list of all your medications. If you don't have this. Get a list of everything you're on and the dosages, and you should keep a copy of it on your cell phone. You can just take a picture or you can put it, like in your memos, just in that memo section, you know, the note section, so that you have it always with you, just in case you are at the doctor you have an...

...emergency, you just want to know, let them know what medications you're taking. Consider a medication dispenser or a pill box so that you can stay more organized and make sure that you are taking your medicines as prescribed. Number four, add vitamins, and let me just say this first, always consult with your doctor, because some vitamins may interact, I know, with a blood thinners and different things, but when covid started, everyone kept saying you need to be on vitamin D, sink and see, and I have to tell y'all, I started all those myself and I feel better than I've ever felt. But we need to, you know, do things to take care of our body, keep us healthy, take our medications and then also take our vitamins to okay. Number Five, give your brain a workout. Crossword Puzzles and Jigsaw Puzzles, to Doku, read, Take College Courses At community colleges and you know, guys, everything's online now. You could take an online course, you can go get a master's degree if you've always wanted to.

You know, it's just it's just unlimited all the things you can do. You just have to apply yourself and make that decision and just go for it. But you know, it's so important to keep your brain active. Number six, be active, be physically active, walk, stretch, do chair exercises. It looks different for everyone because it just depends on if you you know, if you have mobility issues, you're not going to be walking, you know, two miles. But for you to get up and do some chair exercises or just to walk around your apartment with your Walker, I mean you set a goal that is right for you, but set an exercise goal. Maybe said three days a week I'm going to walk for thirty minutes, or three days a week I'm going to do a ten minute video chair exercise, whatever it may be, but just do it. Number seven, guard against falls and we did a show earlier called a conversation about fall prevention with...

Jackie Archer. She's with advanced home health, and that was episode twenty. I believe, so so important. Falling can be a game changer and they are the leading cause of injury for people over age sixty five. So we gave a lot of good tips on that show about making your environment clutter free, putting Night Lights, having grab bars, shower chairs, there's all kinds of great devices that are designed to keep you independent, and that's the name of the game. We want to stay independent as long as possible. So a fall can change that in an instant and we don't want that for you guys. So really look around your home and guard against falls. Number Eight, and this has been so important. Through Covid we've seen a lot of this, but it's speak up if you're feeling depressed or anxious. One and five older adults actually suffer from depression or anxiety, and I would say that's...

...probably higher through covid because people have become so isolated, you know, not able to get out of their apartments or their homes, not seeing family. I totally get it. I mean, personally I've not seen my mom and a year now and I just I just hate that, but there's some health issues. She's out of state and you know, I don't want to bring covid unknowingly to them. So so it's been a very difficult time and I think they're you know, there's a lot of depression and anxiety. So if you are feeling sad, you know here's some things to kind of look look out for. You're feeling sad, you're feeling tired, you're feeling very worried about things, you're having a difficult time sleeping. All of these could be signs that you're having some depression or anxiety. So I just cannot stress enough to just reach out to your doctor or two, a family member or to a good friend and share with them how you're feeling, and I think that's...

...going to help in and of itself, sharing and letting someone know what's going on. But you know, maybe there's the movie, there's some medication, or maybe there's some therapy, or maybe there's you know, a friend can know that they need to be checking in on you more. So just let someone know. Number nine, embrace technology, and in the past year I think this is something that we've seen seniors really rise to the occasion and embrace technology. Zoom obviously has become huge and you know, grand kids or zooming with their grandparents, and it's amazing. I'm thankful that we have these technologies because that is a way that through this whole covid we've managed to stay in some way attached to each other and in communication. So learn to use that IPAD, add APPs to it. There's all kinds of games. You can add games that are like brain games on there too. There's APPs to track your exercise, there's there's an APP for everything. You know, get on...

...facebook. I know it's social media, but you know, why not? I have a lot of friends on facebook who are in their s and I love following them and and talking to them on facebook. And, like I said, just add the Games and APPS. You know, there's so many great things out there. And number ten, this is the ten resolution, and I think this is probably the most important. Keep laughing. This was a year that, you know, it was a lot of times we probably couldn't find much to laugh about. But find humor, find what makes you laugh, what makes you happy? Is it sharing stories about family, about things? I know in our family we love sharing stories. When the kids were little, you know, funny stories and funny, funny things in probably my husband and I think they're so amusing because you know they're they're really funny to as our kids are kind of like that's not so funny, but we think they're hilarious. But just, you know, share those stories with your family, watch a movie or a comedian something that you think is so funny.

You know a great movie that really makes you laugh. You can find anything on Netflix now and you know there's all kinds of old shows like if you love Andy Griffith Show, oh my gosh, you can find that in reruns, or Mary Tyler Moore. I just want to add for that the other day and I thought, Oh, I think I need to watch that again. So do all those old shows that bring back good memories when you were younger and you know that you just found them to be really funny and just kind of the bottom line is, I mean laughter is really the best medicine, so let's just kind of remember that. So I hope that these ten tips help you with making resolutions or goals and just remembering that, no matter what your ages, you do need a sense of purpose and you do need to set a goal for yourself. So thank you, as always, for tuning in today. I hope that this has been eye opening and maybe help you with setting your own path for the year coming up. And thank..., guys, for tuning in. As always, you can find all kinds of resources on my website, which is Lari Williams senior Servicescom go through and listen to all the episodes and please like and follow the podcast and share with your friends. Will see you next week, but bye.

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