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059. Everything you always wanted to know about Medicare


“Does Medicare cover assisted living?” is a common question Lori Williams gets as a senior living professional. Since Medicare functions as health insurance and doesn’t cover senior living, she welcomes an expert back to the show to share what it does cover.

You’ll get a simple overview of the Medicare puzzle from June Kim, a community relations specialist with BlueCross BlueShield of Texas. With Medicare enrollment October 15 through December 7, it’s a great time to learn - though it’s always helpful to understand what you’re getting into! She’ll answer common questions like:

·What is Medicare Part A, B, C and D?

· What’s a Medicare supplement? What about Medicare Advantage?

· I’m still employed - should I enroll in Medicare?

· How much does it cost?

· Where do I enroll?

If you need to learn the basics of Medicare or just need a refresher, this is a great place to start. Plus, you’ll also be aware of what changes are coming.


Takeaways from this episode:

-Enroll for Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) once you turn 65 - even if you’re still employed. You’ve already paid into it, so it’s free.

-Only enroll in Part B when you’re fully retired because your employer may already offer health insurance coverage.

-You can’t be on Medicare Part A and B (traditional Medicare) without a drug plan - Part D.

-Medicare covers 80% of the costs, and you’ll have to pay the last 20% out of pocket unless you have Medicare Supplement insurance.

-Medicare Part C is an “all in one” plan run by private insurance companies. You wouldn’t get Part A, B or D if you already have Medicare Advantage, nor could you get a supplement.

-You must be reasonably healthy to qualify for a Medicare supplement, and costs vary according to lifestyle. The older you get, the more expensive it is.

-Medicare Part C is like an HMO health insurance plan; whereas Medicare A and B are like a PPO.

- If you have Medicare Part A, B and D, and supplement insurance, you can use your Medicare in all 50 states - any doctor and any hospital that takes Medicare, with little to no out-of-pocket expenses.

-Choosing the plan for you comes down to many factors including network and resources. What’s most important is that you understand the plan you choose.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

12. Medicare 101

For more information about plans and the brochure mentioned in this episode, please visit:

To contact June Kim:

214-783- 7901

For more detailed and up to date information please go to:  

Or call at 1-800-633-4227; available 24/7

And for social security:

Enroll for Medicare with Social Security: 1-800-772-1213, Monday through Friday 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

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Topics discussed:

-Navigating Medicare

-Medicare Advantage

-Medicare supplement insurance

-Choosing the right Medicare plan

-Medicare FAQs

-Medicare enrollment

So if I retire at sixty five, becauseI'm completely retired, I'm not getting insurance any other way. So I want todo part a m part B right away, correct and then, if I am still working, I'mjust going to do part a, but because I'm going to get an insurance to myemployer but say at seventy. I retire- and I have six months from that point:Six much I'm getting part B to be guaranteed issue to get a medicaresupplement. Okay, but if I just say hope some I didn't get part beads, thenI'm going to be hit with this penalty. Correct. Okay, the content available onthis podcast and on more William Senior Services has been produced foreducational purposes. Only the contents of any episodes do not constitutemedical, legal or professional advice. Do not reflect the opinions of thiscompany any of its parent companies or affiliates and do not create any typeof professional relationship between the audience guests and the host noperson listening to this podcast should act or refrain from acting on the basisof the content of a podcast without first seeking appropriate professionaladvice and or counselling. Nor shall the information be used as a substitutefor professional advice and or canceling worry, William SeniorServices, ll C expressly denies any and all liability relating to any actionstaken or not taken based on any or all. Contents of this podcast welcome to aging and stall with me,Lori Williams, I'm an optimist by nature, and I believe you can followyour dreams at any age. My grandmother's journey with dementiaignited a passion and me to work with seniors. I've spent the past thirteenyears learning about seniors and aging. In my mid S, I followed my own dreamand found it my company, where I use my expertise to help seniors, locate,housing and resources on this podcast. We cover all aspects of aging Jindoseach week to meet senior living, expert and inspiritual seniors who arefollowing their dreams. The fact is, we're all aging, so why not? Do It instyle? High? Welcome to today's episode ofaging and style with Larry Williams. Today we are talking about Medicare and,if you've been following us for a while, you know that this time last year wetalked about Medicare and I've just felt it was important to go ahead anddo another podcast about Medicare, with June Kem, who was with us last time,but open enrollment period for Medicare is coming up October, fifteenth and itruns through December. Seventh and people need to know what their optionsare. They need to know about the enrollment period and Medicare, justkind of it's confusing and even after I've learned a lot about it, but stillwhen I have to explain it back to someone I'm confused. So that's why wehave the expert on today and we're having Jun Kim is going to speak withus and she is a community relation specialist with Blue Cross Blue Shieldof Texas she's, been in the Dallas Area for about twenty years and she's beenbuilding relationships and various capacities throughout her career. Sheenjoys educating the community about insurance options and she is amazing atit. Her Passion is to help individuals become educated, to make the bestinformed choices when it comes to their health care June. has her BA inpsychology from the University of Maryland and her NBA from tw and she'svery involved in her church and in her time off she enjoys traveling andreading so welcome June. I'm so glad you came back to talk to you is thisyear. Oh It's my pleasure Laurie. You havebeen awesome and this podcast has been really great for the Community ofeducating about Medicare because it is complicated. It is it's very confusing,so I'm glad you're here to straighten it out for us. Okay, I would definitely try my bestyeah. I know you'll do a great job. So, let's just kind of start off with thebasic. So what is Medicare okay, so many care is medical health insurancefor those that are sixty five are older...

...or those that have been on disabilityfor two years or more or those that have like certain diseases as and stagerenal disease or Luke Garrigos. But it is strictly medical health insurance.This is not and will not pay for any senior living expenses. If you want tolive in like a sister living or any one of those beautiful buildings that arepopping up everywhere in the metroplex right and he states in your livingapartments or any senior living situation. Medicare is strictly healthinsurance, great ank you for clarifying that because, like I was saying earlier,I get that question all the time. Yes, yes, and they expect Medicare. Oh it'sgoing to pay, for this is going to pay for that. No, it will not. It will onlypay for your medical, major medical health, insurance, okay, great, so, let's kind of break itdown because Medicare Youe, like we've, been saying it is confusing. There'sall different parts, part a part. Be You know, D, I don't know, there's awhole bunch of different ones, so why don't you break it down for us? Okay,so I have this little cheat heat and I think you uploaded it. It's called how does Medicare work andit's just puzzle piece menic is like a huge puzzle right with all thesedifferent pieces. So let me break it down, for you part a is what they callhospital insurance. So with part a any time you are impatient in hospital. Itwill cover those hospital costs. Okay, so that's part, a part: A is free formost people, because if you have enough work credits, you know I say free loosely because theyactually took it out of your pay check. While you were working right, so youare entitled to that part a if you have enough work credit without anything, nomore extra premiums added to it and that, like I said, covers anythingthat's inside the hospital. If you've been admitted into the hospital okaypart B as an boy is everything outside the hospital, it's your medicalinsurance. So that basically covers like your doctor's services. Any sortof medical services and supplies, like your lab, your x Ray any sort of DMElike your canes walkers wheelchairs and then any sort of preventative care likeyour flu shots and the Millia shots. Those are all covered under part B. Soobviously it's really important that you have both parts right, the part aand part B, because you're not going to be hospitalized all the time. No, thatright and so you'll need both parts. A and B B is not free b. You will pay amonthly premium, and for this year two thousand and twenty one, it's a hundredforty eight dollars and fifty cents for the average person. Okay, so her month,a hundred and forty eight that's correct. Okay for part be okay, itobviously will change every year, it'll most likely go up, but that is theaverage payment for a person for part B. Now just know that that will depend onyour situation and depend on your income. So obviously the more money youmake, the higher your part be premiums will be too okay. So that's based onyour income. Yes, all right. The other importantpart about part B is, you: May Have a penalty if you did not sign up for partB when you should have okay. When should you sign up for party thatturned sixty five? Not Necessarily so, you should obviously get part a whenyou turn sixty five, because it will not cost you anything part be you'regoing to hold off until you're, fully retired, because if you are stillworking, your employer is paying for your part B, because you will have theemployer insurance right. Employer insurance has that part and part B. Soyou don't want to be double pain and...

...especially in Texas, if you get part B,they have what they call six months of guaranteed issue from getting part B.That means won. We discuss further about the Medicare supplement plan. Youcannot be denied all right and that's going to be really important,especially if you have any sort of pre existing conditions or what have you?Because you want to continue on your insurance right. You want to be me,making sure that you are covered so part b. You want to get when you'refully retired. You do not want to get it when you are working because youremployer is paying for it and you do not want to get double paith for it.Nor do you want to be disqualified from that Darante issue period. Right, Coch,okay, so part beat there's a lot into part by remember: There's going to be apenalty if you did not sign up for it, when you should have it's actuallygoing to be ten percent for every year, you should have signed up and you hud'and so okay, so just to be clear, you should sign up so if you're, sixty fiveand you're retired- and you don't like you- have six months to sign up for that correct? No, if within six months, we'll discuss it more when I eear to the Medicare supplement or Kay that, but that is the reason why not tosign up for part, be until you're full at we tied okay, but if you are fullyretired, you want to sign up for want to sign up. Is there a penalty? If youdon't sign up? That's what you're talking about the penalty right acorrect, so when does the penalty kick in like? How long do you have what'sthe time period? So you will have basically within that time period forevery year that you did not get that part be. You would be charged thepenalty, Oking, okay, okay and that penalty will go with you for as long asyou have Medicare. That is really important. So if I retire at sixty five,I look I'm completely retired, I'm not getting insurance in other ways so o Iwant to do part a m part b right away, correct and then, if I am still working,I'm just going to do party, but because I'm going to get insurance to myemployer but say at seventy. I retire- and I have six months from that point-is that what to you said something about six months, but yes, Lix March,I'm getting part B to be guaranteed issue to get a medicare supplement.Okay, but if I just say ope some I didn't get part be then I'm going to behit with this penalty: correct, okay, Gotcha, Oreg! Yes, okay, part see ofthe puzzle. Piece is what we call a Medicare advantage plan and this isvery confusing to people, because Medicare vantage plans are run byprivate insurance companies. Okay, so our Medicare supplements, so they getthem confused intertwine, but Medicare vanish plans is a whole new ball of wax.It's actually what we call an all in one plan, okay, and so it will haveyour part a it will have your part, be most often it even has a drug planincluded your part d? Okay. So that's why they call it an all on one plan andit is one my private insurance companies, so Kayan we'll discuss thatother to because advantage plans can be a little less expensive. That's whypeople tend to go with them. Is that correct? It depends. It depends on howoften you go to the hospital. How often you go see your doctor, because thosecosts could add up to m okay, so with an advantaged plant you are subject towhat they call copes. So any time you go to the doctor any time you go to ahospital any time you get a lab, you may be subject to co paste and if youdo that quite often that could very well add up m right. Definitely fast.The other puzzle piece we'll talk about is the part D which is de for drugs,and that's easy to remember. You will have to get a drug plan when you get onMedicare. If you do not, you will also have a penalty okay, so you will have a penalty withyour part B B for Boy and part D D for...

...drugs. If you do not get a plan whenyou should have- and you didn't- okay Kand, it runs, like part, be does ifyou are fully retired, get it right away. If you Yes for part D is as longas you have credible coverage M, just like with part beat as long as you havecredible coverage. If it's through your employer or through va or whatever it'sconsidered credible coverage, then you will not have a penalty okay, but youcannot be on medicare part A and B and not have a drug plan. Okay or else youwill have a penalty. The penalty for part D is for every month that youshould have had a drug plan and you didn't. There will be a penalty forthat hikes that could a up yeah. That could add up very, very fast too, andyou will have that penalty penalties for Medicare will last for as long asyou have Medicare for the rest of your life, yeah,basically, okay. So those are two parts to remember that: to have penalties, wewill talk about Medicare supplement insurance. Now this, like I said, isalso run by private insurance companies and they get it mixed up between theMedicare advantage plan and the Medicare supplement plan. Medicaresupplement plan is often, I think in the olden day iscalled the MEDIGAP plan, but it is what it is. It supplements your Medicareokay. So when we go into original Medicare, which is part a M Part B, wecall it original or traditional, some people may refer to. Medicare only covers eighty percent ofthe cost. Okay, with that part a and part be if you're in traditionalMedicare, so the other twenty per cent you will have to pay out of pocket, orhopefully you have a medicare supplementa to help supplement thatother twenty per cent that Medicare will not cover. Okay, so supplementinsurance is covered by private insurance companies like Lucas BuShield, and it will help cover your supplemental cost. Okay, that manicurecovert. So the thing with supplements is the older you get the more expensiveit will be, and also you need to be what they call somewhat healthy to geta medicare supplement insurance, and this is why I say in Texas: They giveyou six months from getting part B to have what you call guaranteed issue andguaranteed issue means. Basically no questions asked you can get that plan.So that's why I said it's important to hold off on part B unless you're, fullyretired, because then it would preclude you from that guaranteed issue. The sixmonths right. Oh, I got CA, okay, that was supplemental, yeah, exactly and sothat day, at sixty five you're, still working and you're going to work untilyou're. Seventy okay! So at sixty five go ahead and get that part a right.It's not going to hurt you part B, hold off on until you're seventy untilyou're, fully retired. Then you can go ahead and when you get part B, then youhave within six months. L. Obviously you want to get it sooner because thenyou won't have them part of the medical insurance. As soon as you get part B,you can get a medicare supplement within six months. No questions askthat's what they call guaranteed issue right and that supplemental plan itwill not go up as you age or will the price go up as you age? Oh, okay, itstill well, okay, but you won't have any questions ask so you can get itbasically yeah once you get on the supplement. We cannot basically bootyou off nice, I'm lat. Unless you do not pay right, you don't pay yourpremiums and obviously you know your plan would not be in existence. So youknow if you can answer this, but on the supplement, what are the averagepremiums for that, or I guess there's...

...probably a lot of variables with thatyeah. So the variables with the supplement is whether, if you're, maleor female, and if you're a smoker or a non smoker, okay and then obviously itgoes up. You know, depending on what what age you are and what plan youchoose. Okay, it's a there's, a lot of variables in them. If people want toget a quote I'll, be even more than happy to get gringoire for that greatokay, so they can contact me all right. So we talked about all the differentparts of Medicare. Now we're going to talk about how does that all worktogether right? What we call in this I'm going to describe it as a flowchart, so there's two paths to take on Medicare and this is for individual.Not if you are in a large group, because if you work for a large companyand you get retired, they may have different plans for you right. So thisis for just for individual people that are trying to choose and Medicare ontheir own and it's it's not tied to any sort of union or large company, okay,okay, so what we have is original Medicare. That is your part, a and partB on this route. You will have to get a separate drug plan because remember, ifyou don't have the drug plan, you have a penalty and on this route you can geta medicare supplement insurance. So on this ro original Medicare, you haveyour part, a impart B. that's your eighty percent! You have your part D,your drug plan, and then you can choose to get your Medicare supplement,insurance. Okay. So on this route you have three cards. Basically, your redwhite and Blue Medicare card you're, going to have a part D, a drug plancard and you're going to have a supplement card. That's a lot of cards.That is a lot of guards, but the upside to this, taking thisMedicare original Medicare route is that you can use your Medicare anywherein America. All fifty states any doctor, any hospital that takes originalMedicare. You can get service and they're not going to have a lot of outof pocket because you have the supplemental so basically correct,maybe at some drugs. I guess I know I hear people talk out that a lot ofmedications or expense yeah, because that's different plan or on this route,you can get a separate drug plan, but that is correct. On this side, you cango any like. I said any doctor any hospital on the fifty United Statesthat takes original Medicare and you are covered. So it's a pretty good plan.I call it PP on Steroids Po plan on steroids, because your service, yournetwork, is huge yeah all right, so the other route is what we called theMedicare advantage plan. Okay- and this plan remember- I said it has part- AmPart B. Most often that has a drug plan included to right. So it's an all inone plan on this plan. You cannot get asupplement. Okay, it's because supplements supplements. The originalMedicare supplement is not intended for Medicare vanish plan. That would be toomuch insurance and actually it's illegal for for agents to sell you bothplans. Okay, that is just a way too much, so yeah don't fall into that trap.Okay, gods, okay, so, on this side, that's Medicareadvantage plan. Is that all in one plan this is very localized and you will notbe using your red white and Blue Cart, although you will have it because youhave your party and part be, you would be using the card that you chose thecompany to have your Medicare advantage plan with, so it may be. A Blue Crossblue shirt called hopefully or could be any one of the competition e plan card.That's what you're going to use to get your services and of doctors and adoctor's office or hospital okay, it's kind of like an h Mo is yes, okay, yeahand we'll discuss more about that too, in detail to the difference between Hand apprit. So, on the Medicare advantage plan a lot of companies, theyhave hm os and they have PP on this plans. But the biggest differencebetween this and the original Medicare... that the care that you get insteadof all fifty states, it's very localized, so you can only go to thedoctors and the hospitals that take your Medicare advantage plan. So let merepeat that you can only go to the doctors and the hospitals that takeyour Medicare advantage plan, it's very, very different than original Medicare,okay. So normally this is very local life and it is within Calne's. So ifyou're in a big METROPLEX, so obviously you know Dallas Fort Worth D. F, W youchoose a Medicare vanish plan and that's the service area, it's withinthe Dallas, Fort Worth area and there's only certain hospitals and maybecertain doctors that will take that plan. Okay, if you move to Austin, youwill have to get a different Medicare advantage plan, because what works inDallas Fort Worth will not work in Austin. Okay, so also, if you move outof state, if you move out of that country or that Metroplex County, youmay have to change your Medicare advantage plan June. What would happenif you are on a Medicare advantage? Planning live in Dallas, but you govisit your daughter in Austin and something happened you had to go to ahospital. What would happen? I get that question a lot in a true emergency andyou has to be an emergency okay, like several attack or everything yea overheart attack. Exactly you go obviously to the closest hospital. There is okayand they're supposed to cover it in the true emergency. Now, if they find outthat well that we really wasn't in the emergency, you may be subject to out ofnetwork cost, so e just be careful, then that's. That is a caveat to theadvantage plan. Okay, now there are some companies at that. If you callahead of time like for us with Bocross Bushel, if you call ahead of time- andyou are an advantage plan and saying hey- you know- I'm going to be inFlorida visiting my grandkids for two months will be like. Oh okay, let'sfind out who around that area can give you care if you do happen to get sickokay, so it's kind of like a prior authorization or prior permission, yeahto find somebody, that's in your network. But yes, in a true emergency,you go to the closest hospital and you just you're going to have to make surethat is, is true! Emergency okay, okay go, and so you won't have that with aoriginal Medicare. Remember because you go with Er, basically anywhere right.So that brings up the point on network a h Mo and P P. We hear those acronymsa lot, so the difference between the HM, O and P P O is in the HM network, isvery, very limited and in the H Mo you have to go through a primary caredoctor for everything. So, basically, if you want to go see a specialist, youhave to go to your primary care. Doctor First and then say hey, you know what Ihave this mole growing. I think I need to see a dermatologist and your PC Pwill go. Hmm, you know what you're right. Let me get your referral, sothere's an extra added step and you have to follow the rules in the HM,okay and you that specialist needs to be in that HM network m. If you don'tfollow the rules and you go out of network and you're like well, I don'tlike that. Dermatologist that I got to refer for I'm just going to go to theone that I like. You may be responsible for one hundred percent of the cost,because you have gone out of network in an HM. Okay, you have to follow therules released, really closely win. Then hm now on a p Po. It's a largernetwork. Let's just say that in the PP you don't have to go to your primarycare doctor for a referral. You can go to any primary care doctor or generaldoctor. That's within that P P O network, okay and specialist. So youcan go to you. Don't have to go to your primary doctor first and say: Hey! Iwant to go see this tumor cologist, you just go. He the dermatologist attendyour network. Now, in the P P o. If you...

...go out of network, you pay out ofnetwork costs. Okay, obviously it's going to save you money. If you stay innetwork to stay in that P po network, but with a p Po has an option. Theyhave in network cost an atom network costs. So if you go out of networkyou'll still be covered, but you're going to have to pay out of networkcosts, so it's very very different with an hm because it h mo out of networkyou're responsible for a hundred percent of the costs. Okay. So the kindof recap that original Medicare you go wherever you want an advantage plan isthrough an insurance company and could be an ho or a p Po. That's correct!Okay! GOTCH! I'M gonna really get this this time around yeah you're getting better. I think themore that people hear it a have that light bulb a moment like okay, you haveto hear it over and over. I think yes, so we really appreciate you Laurie Ind,the community, to just kind of just you know, iron things out for us and justkind of help us explain better because it is very complicated and seniors.This is why I got into the business, because you know when my mom aged intoMedicare. She was so confused and I was like well, you know what I have acollege degree. I even have an NBA. Let me look at this. It was so confusingand I was like if I am confused, how or older seniors able to you know, workthrough this or even understand. What's going on yeah absolutely and I and Idon't even know all that in them now Tso it and you know- and I've been withBoucolos for eight years now, but it's all these little different nuances andand different scenarios, because everybody has a different scenarioright. So it's not a medicare one size fit all kind of. Although there's twobasic paths to follow, but it really depends on what your situation is yeahand I know like I was telling you earlier- I mean probably weekly. I geta call where people just have a question about Medicare or they thinkMedicare covers something it doesn't like senior living, which, as June said,it does not cover or they're moving from out of state and wondering howthat's going to work. If they're on an advantage plan or just like you, said,moving city to city, you know you need to re, you know change that advantage planor may need to so yeah. So I'm really glad to have youin the community, and I know I send people your way all the time, because Ijust have very basic knowledge. Although it's growing each time, we doa podcast, so we're gonna you're, going to be a professional yeah sie, anexpert one day, we'll see. So what changes are you seeing for going intotwo thousand and twenty two, because another opening rollet period like Isaid this coming up October fifteenth, which is why we're doing this podcastnow and then going through December seventh? Well, actually? What does thatmean? They open enrollment? What does that mean to people? Oh yeah, that's areally good question during open an romant which happens every year October,fifteenth to December seventh, like you said, people that are on Medicare havethat one time opportunity within that time period October, fifteenth toDecember seventh to make any changes to Medicare. So if you are on the MediCare Plan and you're happy with it like the old singles, if the wheel ain'tbroke, don't fix it, you have every right to stay on the plan that you'realready on you have no obligation to change whatsoever. If you're happy withyour plan, you stay with it, but will continue on for the upcoming year. Now,if you're not happy with your plan- and you want to make changes, you have thatopportunity to do so during Medicare, open and Romant okay, and when you makechanges during Medicare open and moment, your new plan will become effectiveJanuary first of the upcoming year, so...

...make changes during this open and romitcoming up it'll, be your new plan will be effective January first of twothousand and twenty two okay, and I believe last time we talked about thisso say someone is on original Medicare. They switch to an advantage plan andthen get cancer, and then they are like okay. I want to switch back to original.That's they can't do it right. That is the million dollar question. Okay isreally important yeah, so people think that they can change back and forthswitch back and forth, and the answer is yes, you can, as long as you arehealthy, so you can switch back from original Medicare to advantage plan. Abandage plan has no restrictions in terms of pre existing conditions orhealth. Okay, but if you are in an advantage plan and like you said twothree years later down the line, you get cancer and you're like wow, none ofmy specialist or or doctors or hospitalsor in my network. I want to change back to original medic here. It will be toolate for you. You cannot do that because remember Medicare supplemanagement, you got to be healthy m. You have to be healthy unless you arewithin that six month of getting part B. Okay, Kin, O backie, now Jane all right,so this is really really important. This is what I tell people a lot ofpeople think oh sixty five, I'm going to get part a and going to get part be,and then they find out two years later to get cancer and they didn't get asupplement and then they want to get her. Some, I'm like sorry, too late nowtoo late. Okay. So there is time on the essence of this, and nobody has acrystal Bob, because you do not know when you're going to get. You knowacute disease right or else you know you would be getting a supplement rightbefore I and another thing to remember with Iwith this supplement, you know the older you get the more expensive it is,and so I have these people that are in their s and they're wanting to changeand I'm, like you know I I would welcome your business, but Icannot in my good right conscience to tell you to change that because theolder you get the more risk you have up coming. You know injuries or diseasesright. So I would recommend, if you are on the supplement, to keep thatsupplement for as long as you can now. But, like I said, that's just me, Ican't tell you to choose one way or another, but if you have an advantageplan- and you know so- let's go back to my story of my mom she's on originalMedicare and she has a supplement, okay and then further into it a couple yearslater she got cancer she's, never a mission now, but she would call me upevery year, because every year her supplement gets more expensive rightand she's like it's open in Rome at time June. Can I change her and wellslike mom? No, you want to keep it because I'm like because it's gettingso expensive, I'm like, but okay. When you go to a doctor, how much do youhave to pay? She has the F plan, which covers basically everything, there'sdifferent plans on this supplement, but she has a comprehensive plan so anytime she goes to doctor any time she goes to hospital. She doesn't payanything more because it's covered with her premium that she pays every monththat she's complaining that it's now on the other hand, and so it worksfor her okay. On the other hand, my in laws are on a Medicare advantage planand they love their doctor and they love their hospital that they can go to,and you know they have minor surgeries and overall, their health is reallygood. So they like the network and they like the plan that they're on sothey're happy with that right. So it really depends they had a supplement,but they said it was too expensive for...

...them. Okay, so so you know there's alot of factors that go into choosing. You know what plan is right for you,but only that person knows and it really depends on, like I said, theirresources and and another big thing is the network, because a lot of seniorsare what I say quote unquote married to their doctor. They don't want to changeright. That's a really important question. I asked them because I'm like,if you don't want to change, then there's not many choices you have, thenyou need to find a plan that your doctor will take right M and that fitsthat fits. What you are wanting yeah. You can't choose Willy Nilly. You knowlike doing dart no, and I think I know a lot of seniors and I get confused toyou- see these beautiful commercials where they make advantage plans. Look,I mean just that's what you need to be on and I've had families call me wherethey had. You Know Dad was in Rehab and saw a commercial and called andswitched his plan while in Rehab. So you know that's that's concerning but,like you said advantage, plans can be less expensive in some cases, but theycould end up being more if you have a lot of copes right, so it reallythere's a lot of factors that come into play. You can't just say across theboard an advantage it's going to be cheaper because that's kind of what Ithought, but what you're saying that's, not necessarily true so, like I saidwith the supplement right because you're paying at front with thosemonthly premiums, you're not subject to any COPAE right or you may be subjectto you, know some little incidentals. That is not covered right, that youwould have to pay a pocket with an a vange plan. Everything is Cope so anytime you go to a doctor any time you go to a specialist any time you go, get,maybe lab work done or to go to the hospital, their subject to Co Paste M.Now, if you don't visit those providers very often like my in laws, you knowthat it is cheaper than it is cheaper, but if you go a lot and you have anacute disease or you a lot of ailments, you have to go to a doctor like everytwo weeks or something it does add up. So you Goin, have you have to take thewhole situation into the picture you when you're thinking, oh well advantageplan is cheaper or it may not be m. You know and that's why people need to talkto you tune before they make a decision. Well, I can. I can definitely give themthe tools, but they have to decide on their own. What's right for them, and Ialways tell them you know just because your neighbor or your friend orsomebody has a certain plan, does not necessarily mean that it's going towork for you an IT. May Work for them right perfectly and that's why theychose it and maybe they're you know advocating it for you, but you reallyhave to make that decision. I don't know okay and just a question becauseit has come up before. So. If someone like O, you know we had this gentlemanwho was in a rehab and it was during opening romant. He called and changedhis insurance. Can he change it back? If you don't, like the kids discovered?Oh my gosh, he shouldn't have changed it. Can they change it back if ithasn't started the first of the New Year, if it's still within the openingromant period yeah? So that's a really good question too. So normally you canchange as many times as you want during open enrolment. The last change thatyou made on or before December seventh is whatwill take place on January. First, okay, O, that's good to know. If somethinghappens you find out. This is not the right plan and you know your kids sayno. You can always switch it back right and to add to that, this was justrecently in a couple years now: CMS, which is Center for Medicare MedicaidServices. They make all the rules, they actually extended open, a Roman forMedicare advantage plan so January.

FIRST DO MARCH! Thirty! First, if youhave an advantaged plan and you find out that wow does is not the vantageplan for me, you can change to another advantage plan from January firstthrough March, thirty first, so it's only for people that have an advantageplan. So say they an open enrollment in October. They said: okay, first of theyear, I'm going on advantage. They get on the advantage plan January and thenthey have till March and they're like this is not the right plan. They canswitch to another advantage plan yeah. They have a I okay, but they can'tswitch back to original. They have to stay in an advantage plan, actually dey Ken, but remember you can't get thissupplement. Oh that's right! So that's not good yeah yeah before it used to be.I used to kind of call it like a lemon law. Like wow, I didn't like thatadvantage plan. Let me Trun something else so before it used to be toValentine's state, but now they've extended it. So you have that one timefrom January first to March thirty. First, if you chose an advantage planduring open and Roman and you find out wow, this is not what I wanted. You can choose another advantage planor you can go back to original Medicare, but obviously, if you're not healthy,you might not be able to get that supplement plan right. Exactlybasically, I mean just choose wisely and pretty much stay the path. Withyour decision right I mean because you can't you don't want to lose thesupplement plan by going off original and in a vantage, exactly if you're, ifyou're on that route, yeah like I said every year, advantage plans, you canchange and you can go on the new one starting the new year and then, if youon the vantage plan, then you're like wow, I didn't mean to choose that onethat want to choose another one. You can do so from January. FIRST TO MARCHthirty. First, one time change and it will become effective April. First,okay, yeah, there's a lot of rules and regulations regarding that too. So,just like you said, choose wisely Ye choose wisely and stayed the courseyeah don't be trying to switch around. I in trouble right. I do want to say,though, for those that are aging in, because we have a lot of people thatare aging in. I want to say we're still in the baby baby boomers yeah era rightlike over ten thousand tuning, sixty five every day, so for those that areaging into what we call Medicare, you actually have seven month period duringyour aging in twining, sixty five, which happens only once in a lifetimeright, so they're going to give you a once in a lifetime, those seven monthsto actually enroll in Medicare, okay, but the earlier the better early birdgets the worm, because if you start three months prior two okay, your Medicare benefits will start thefirst day of your birthday month: okay, okay, so like I'm, the I'm the last year of thebaby boomers on one thousand nine hundred and sixty four. So I wanted domy birthday's April, so like April Wen April, sixth, okay in the beginning,okay, so three months prior to a ER, okay, I want to go ahead and figure outwhat I want to do and get enrolled that's right April. First Right, thenit would start I'm on Medicare. Absolutely I think original is what I'mchoosing yeah well, my birthday is in July as the end of the month July,twenty sixth okay. So if I start my Medicare and apply through socialsecurity, because social security is actually the administrator for Medicare,a lot of people do not know that o okay, Hacka Social Security is theadministrator for Medicare, because we've been paying into social securityfor Medicare as you workright, okay got... right. So three months prior to mysixth birthday, I am hopefully going to be fully retired at so I'm going to getan art a I'm going to sign up for part a and I'm going to sign up for part B,okay, and because I did it three months prior to my benefits, Pro Medi Care. Iwould get my red white and blue card saying that the benefits are effectiveJuly. First, even though my birthday is July, twenty six M, okay, Gotcha allright, so early bird gets the warm Nif. you start on your birthday month orstart any time after your birthday month. It will be the month after okayor two months after okay, you know a Le Ber will out coverage there. Okay,exactly all right, exactly okay! That makes sense! Yes, do they send you justout of curiosity now, because I mean, let's still have several years till insixty five? Well, not that many. I guess, but you know it's getting closer,but do they send you something in the mail like you know way prior. Do youneed to just know that that three months before you turn sixty five, youcan go ahead and do this that I'm not sure because I haven'tbeen in that position, but I do hear that a lot of my seniorsay: Oh I'm, being getting bombarded with Medicare information, so I'mpretty sure that they know when you know coming up in a cup coming up butyeah. It's your responsibility to make sure you sign up for a part, A and forpart B or delay part be if you're still working, okay, all right and then youcan do all this on your own. Do the A and the B? And then, when you add thesupplemental and the drug, that's when you need to choose going through aninsurance company like we correctly shield? Okay, that's correct! Yes! Soyour ANB, obviously you're going to sign up to social security, which is ssa dot. Gov Ffa not go V. Okay. These are one of the resources and thenMedicare dot. Gov, that's Medicare, okay, they're, wonderful websites toreference to so when you're ready. Yes, you want to go to SSA dot. Gov and signup for part a or for PARP, depending if you're, going to be fully retired ornot, and then they're the ones that say: okay, we're going to send Medicare yourinformation and dispense your Medicare card. Okay, I medicare we can happen,then you go to Blue Cross Blue Shield or whatever other insurance provider,and that's when you work out right, so her ten other, so bluecross Bushel canhelp you with all parts of Medicare. Just like any other health insurance.We can help with your part D or drug plan. Your Medicare supplement plantand a Medicare advantage plan. So we have all the parts of Handicap: Gotcha,okay and then how can they contact you for more information? So they can contact me by my phonenumber, two one, four, seven, eight three, seven, nine or one or they canemail me at June, underscore Kim to j. u n e underscore K, I M at B C B s TomOkay and we will put this on the website or we have all the informationafter the PODCAST, so we'll have all that connected so that they can findyou. You are the best at explaining this Jim. I really feel like I've gotit now. I Ra so confusing. So is there anythingelse you want to add or a yeah. So if you can, along with my personalresource and contact information, just don't forget Medicare dot, Gov and theone eight hundred Medicare number. They are open, O twenty four seven, yes,okay, medicare is open to anty for seven. Now, okay and then socialsecurity is SSA that go v. The one eight hundred number for socialsecurity is one eight hundred seven,..., two one two hundred three: theyare open Monday through Friday, seven to seven okay and what was the oneeight hundred number for Medicare. Do It's one, eight hundred six, three,three, four, two, two, seven, okay, great we'll put a do: yeah, okay, rightand then one last resource is my website or think blue. I'm part of the think blueteam. We are internal agents for Bukoba. Our website is think blue. Think, BlueTom so think blue t x, com, okay and they can find me there and they canrequest a one and one appointment and they can find a lot of resources at ourthink blue tom website. Okay, excellent, thank you. So much June, like I said,you're just such a great resource for everything, Medicare or might go toperson, and I you do a great job of explaining it and that's why you arethe specialist I I appreciate that and I always tell people you know I reallydon't care what kind of Medicare they have. I should it's more important tome that they understand what they have yeah. Okay, because you know peoplecall me up and they're like. Oh, you know I want. I want this and I wantthat and I'm like okay. But let me show you your true options, all right andlet me make sure that you understand you know, and are you okay with that,so it's really important that you have somebody that can help. You ask thoseright questions because Medicare is so confusing. You don't even know whatpartions to ask right exactly so find someone who can you know, educate, youknow your options and then choose wisely and don't be switching back andforth. That's probably that's mostly what I got out of this. I think exactlyit's pecially. If you are, you know, under Rehab or under Doctor Care, oryou know, you's, not the time to switch yeah, absolutely you're under some sortof treatment. Absolutely do not absolutely not so well. Thank you somuch June. I appreciate you being on the podcast and I hope this isinformative to everyone. We will have all the information and you can alwaysgo to my website, which is Laurie Williams, dash senior service, scom andalso please share this podcast with your friends and family. I just thinkit's so important to get this information out because, like June said,it's confusing it's confusing to everyone, it's confusing, especially ifyou're a senior so please be sure to share this information and, as always,thank you for listening and we'll see you next week to.

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