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Aging in Style with Lori Williams

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060. 96 Years Young, World War II Vet, the MOST Inspirational Senior I know: meet Doug Brown


With a podcast called Aging in Style, it’s only fitting to welcome a guest who embodies the concept so fully. That’s why Senior Services Expert Lori Williams welcomes Doug Brown: Great Depression baby, World War II veteran, and current refurbisher of computers … who is 96 years young.

Though he’s nearly 100, Doug says he feels at least 20 years younger. His secret? Staying busy. Along with words of wisdom (such as “Volunteer or die”), he shares his tactics for longevity and the importance of living an active life - both mentally and physically. You’ll be fascinated as you hear about his life with his wife Claire, his typical schedule and how he stayed busy during quarantine.

Takeaways from this episode:

- Having a purpose in life keeps you alive and doing good things; staying busy is the key to happiness.

- If you don’t volunteer or find some way to stay active, you’ll start to go downhill. Likewise, if you let your mind go, then your health follows.

- Once you start doing something, it’s easy to keep doing it - it’s just the initial inertia that can be difficult to overcome.

- You must have companionship where you’re exposed to new ideas, thoughts, and (polite!) disagreements.

- Doing something physical may be difficult, but the minute you stop doing it completely, then it becomes impossible for you to do anymore.

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Topics discussed:

- Retirement activities

- Senior volunteer work

- Learning new skills

- Staying active throughout life

- Finding purpose in old age

- Physical fitness

- Staying sharp

I think it's important for seniors torealize. Staying busy is a key to stay happy if you're doing something you'vefulfilled something in you. This says: Hey been a pretty good day and when youfeel that you've helped somebody else, you feel in better, so yeah stay busy. Welcome to aging and stall with me,Lori Williams, I'm an optimist by nature, and I believe you can followyour dreams at any age. My grandmother's journey with dementiaignited a passion and me to work with seniors. I've spent the past thirteenyears learning about seniors and aging. In my mid S, I followed my own dreamand found at my company, where I use my expertise to help seniors, locate,housing and resources on this podcast. We cover all aspects of aging join USeach week to meet senior living, expert and inspirational seniors who arefollowing their dreams. The fact is, we're all aging, so why not do it instyle? Hi. Welcome to today's episode of Agingand stall with Lorry Williams, today's show is a very special one, because Ihave a incredible guest, a friend of mine,that I have wanted to interview for a while and we're finally making ithappen. This gentleman is my inspiration I would say whenever wehave done podcast over things like finding purpose as we age, lifelonglearning, volunteering as we age and maintaining a positive mindset, he isthe person I always think of because he does all of those and more. His name isDoug Brown and he is ninety five years old. He will be ninety six in two weeksOctober. Sixteenth is his birthday, so, let's all be thinking of, dug onOctober, sixteenth and wish him a happy birthday. Dog is an incredible man. Heis served or has led just an amazing life. I mean just many lifetimes in onelife he served in World War Two. I grew up in the depression served in worldwar. Two. He worked in military intelligence. He spent time in Italyand Germany and France is just amazing. His Life Story. Someone could make amovie out of it and I would be first in line to watch it and so dug also haswon many awards, he's pretty famous in our town, a flower mound- and he getskind of- I don't know embarrassed, but he's very humble he doesn't care aboutall the awards. He just cares about the work that he does but dug. I just Iwant to say this that he did win or was awarded the Governor's Volunteer Award,which was presented by the Texas, Governor's wife, Cecilia Abbot, and hewon the lifetime achievement award from the town flower mount for his thirtyfive years of service. He helps veterans, he helps the habitat forhumanity, Santa cobs he and his wife. Clara are involved and just everythingyou can imagine the main thing about jug though- and this is his passionwhich he found later in life and he'll- tell the story about how he found hispassion, but he has refurbished over...

...fourteen hundred computers and tabletsand has donated them to veterans boys and girls, clubs and school kidsthroughout the pandemic, and he's just an an incredible incredible guy and I'mso excited to have him on here to share his story and also to giveencouragement and inspiration to how we can all agent style there's somethingthat you talk about all the time. When you talk to people who are retiring andwhat is it, you tell them well, as I said five six months ago, I had agentleman come to me to dog I'm about to retire. What should I do and I said,volunteer or die if you don't volunteer, you'll start to go down hill generally,and then I mediety quickly. You'll fall off life on love and precipice and youget very sick. You stay unter in you, stay healthy relatively because, as weage, we know we don't stay healthy as well as we used to, but having apurpose in life keeps you alive and doing good things,or I refer to my passion. I started refurbishing computers back in thefirst wife at cancer for thirteen a half year. She died in ninety eight, sothe last year she was alive. I had to stay home with her full time and ifyou're on twenty four seven, you need to have something to do so. I startedreading about and playing with dust of computers and I used to have an inmateof two at the best and if I had one or two in my inventoryand if I made a mass of I fouled it out to it, is no longer usable. I beat myhead on the table for a while and say. Well I won't make that mistake again. Then, eventually, I had a gentleman come to me for a tilefloor in one of the rooms of my house and said. I know you fool with computers. I can'tafford one my son to senior in high school and he is one hour at thelibrary. Can you give him a computer? I said. Let me see what II can do and Icouldn't even tell you how many years ago that was maybe two thousand, maybetwo thousand and one or two I don't know, but that started me on the road to refer Bachine and givingaway computers. My first aim is computers. revetements, like currentwife, and I have put them in a Atadas. Is everyone brings you, computers toeveryone? Everyone knows you. I want your own computer, your monitor yourscreen or he wore your mice, your cables, anything at all. You havebecause what I can use will go to CCA, where they'll put it to good use. Oh Idon't know. I was six months ago, eight months ago, this gentleman was achaplain for American dition. VW Post here came to me and said I needed to goto Dennis. So I'm going to take you up there in two days, and I said why Isaid you say and we drove to Denison walked in alittle gym. There's a whole bunch of boys and girls sitting there, thebleachers and they start cheering. He said well, he said you gave themthirty, two computers. He said I didn't...

...know. I gave many computers. I justthought all the computers he was taking was for. Verine gave him thirty two,which Honduran the pandemic. They set up a room with an instructorwhere they could learn. They weren't just goofing around and doing whateveron the Internet, which is not a good idea for young children, and they werelearning- and I was very pleasantly surprised, very pleased that, hopefullywe made a difference in the lives of some of those children but, as I said,that was astounded, finalier computers with boys and girls glove up in denisewell, and it's just amazing that you took when started as a hobby. I guessreally just trying to figure out computers. Look what it's lend to foryou. I was trying to kill time really past time. If you goto sit there, then you can't leave your wife for any substantial life at tef. Iwant grocery shopping, to have a list run out, get it run back Basi that wasbefore cell phones and if she need to get in touch with me, if I went up lit,can be very long. I'd give their phone call her and give her their phonenumber and tell them who he was, though it was self preservation really to havesomething to do, which is why giving computers right now to someonelike a veteran to make a difference in their life, because you use you apurpose gives you something to do rather than let your mind disintegrateso there and does nothing exactly and that's what you said earlier when wewere talking that if you just sit there and let your mind go, then your yourhealth follows too, and it's hard to regain. That is. You were once yourmind starts to do, send a great. Then your physical health goes and you canget your physical health back and lot these union and your metal health. Whydo you think some seniors? They don't become active? They just kind of sitthere in front of the TV. What do you? What do you think it is I like could say sloth? Would you one witie a little little harsh yeah? You have to have a purpose, but youhave to have some get up and go to do it. It's easy to get up, get out of bednot get dressed. Then we make a cup of coffee sit down. Turn the TV on justsit there and first thing. You know an hour two hours. I go on bud and you're comfortable, but it takes a little more effort toget up and press your teas in Shave, for a man and for leading to her hairand so on then get dress and have your coffee in breakfast- and I say: Okayand now I'm going to do something. Then you really have to move. You haveto motivate yourself, but once you've done it after a little while- and youknow that from going to work earlier in life once you get up at five thirtyevery morning, pretty soon, even on...

...weekend, your heating up a five thirtybecause you're accustomed to it once you started doing something, it's easyto keep doing it. It's the initial, overcoming a ner shop, that's a goodway to put it overcoming in Nursia. I like that yeah, because it's how easy to give away to the nurseyou just sit there, particularly that first, two three fourfive times and then the weekend comes, and it goesMonday and you say well, I don't know if there is a grocer, yes, so kind oflike a job like you know it has to be kind of like a b. You have to say toyourself. Yes, I'm going to do this because I'm doing good or it makes mefeel good for whatever the reason you need a reason, a reason to keep livingin reason to keep limiting and then the way to keep living well is to stay busyand there's. So many ways people can stay busy. So to me I mean we throw outa lot of ideas in the senior center and I to me it's like there's so much thatyou can do there's more than enough that you could choose from especiallylike you were telling me all the things on your calender for the solent. We goto the senior Sanday seniors in Er er. An Flor Mon is on to Tiste thirty, aslunches for four dolars apiece good lunches to it- a maybe not quiteas big as you at earlier, but there for a senior there are plenty big enoughand for dollars is a pressure can't beat, and after we have lunch, that mywife and I played Penicke with some of the friends there and the firstWednesday of every month was a peanut tournament. Now we're trying to getpeanut on every Wednesday to which kind of mixture too many after nos and firstThursday night is or evening late afternoon evening is bumble. We justwent on a trip yesday to monster to see the October fest there. There's MCKinney, traine days coming up. My wife takes a look at the Deis Letter fromthe senior center and then high life's all the one she wants to go to chosento me, and I just nod my head: Yes, because it's the safer thing to do tomorrow, no because like yeah thislittle harder, we left yesterday at three o'clock for lunch ter and we gotback in nine thirty a little love of your usual comfort area, yeah. Butstill why not? You don't have to be embedded eight o'clock for nine o clockand I do like to see the Telefon News at night, but yeah, but that's not themust do that because I you'll see the same thing. The next morning you havesenior centers where we live in an apartment complex for seniors. We havea restaurant, we go to every Monday. Sixteen twenty of us there are justhappy hour, Tuesdays and Thursdays. There is a game. There's a lunch,keeter lunk their expense on Wednesday. There's games on Wednesday have been goon Friday. I mean there's. If you...

...wanted to do everything as pen thesenior center and where we live, you don't have any spirit time, which ismaybe a little over killed, but it's left over than sitting there staring atthe TV. Well, in your challenging your mind, you're socializing you're doingall those things that are they're good for you, yes and, as I say, going tomonster that was once in the lifetime of haven't been there before, for theirOctober, fair going for trade day, some place are going to a new restaurant,all a new experience, all something you don't want to keep doing the same thingover and over and over because in becomes with as exactly and even ifyou're, not volunteering, how thou we recommend volunteering, but to have ahobby and your wife. When we brought her up in your apartment, she wasmaking jewelry that she's going to sell in a craft fair right. She also repairsjewelry and my friends will bring jewelry and she may repair for free or if she needsPars Besitun for the parts. I do the same thing, for I am doing right nowfor one of the staff of the senior side ofthe screen on the laptop was broken this week, end O in stall in the screenand I'll check it as soon as I first took it up, be sure it's working,because when you buy them, you never know until your stall but again and thecharge will only be for the screen no charge for Labor. Even though we livein a in a department complex, it is everybody living. He is relatively afluent. There's still no reason to pay for someone to come to fix yourcomputer. If you take it to them, that's usually sixty dollars in thehour if they visit youse a hundred dollars an hour. There's no need for you to spend thatkind of money. If there's someone around, who can do it for free or in avery low cost, and you teach people how to use computers to right, yeah yeah asa matter of fact, last pre wasn't, I think it was edlycome to me. They knew a omission to Peru twice a year and she said she had collected somecomputers but would like to have them brought up today. Other words atwindows temper on them. So I said: Do you happen to have anyanybody there who might patrons and learning how to work on computers? Shesaid Yes, two of the gentlemen did so. I had one at ten o'clock here onTuesday mornings, the other one ten o'clock on Thursday mornings in thisroom, teaching them how to do what I do and, of course, the half a dozencomputers she collected for Um wouldn't take ten. We collected other computer so that shehad her computers. She wanted to take to other mission to Perun. What I do isnot rocket science, it does take a little knowledge. A little effort was all use, a screwdriver, for example, without damaging anything okay. So Iknow you just you in Cire, moved this year earlier this year, or was it lastyears before Thanksgiving? Okay, you right before thanksgivings. So whatmade you decide to move to senior... at ninety five? Well, we're looking the maidens of thehouse. Look as I get the grass cut, the house repairs e. all these other thingsgoing on. Like you know, we came over here and look lies being built. Welooked in love of many visits and this is near the senior centers near thehospital is near a bunch of doctors and that we hame some that we go to so it'sa good location and you had up all the money you spent onthe House for Insurance for your company that, hopefully, will take careof it all problems we have with your appliances and so on and all the otherthings you find out. Well we're been on a pretty good sum, kelling move hereand for menace. You pick up the phone the day after we got here the sink inthe kitchen. There was a leak underneath it that picks up to phone acall one of the men. As men came up, he said a peep Trapp is cock to. I knewthat I could have gotten down on my knees and go and fixed it. I I'mgetting up off. My knees. is another problem, and so that's why I'm here for you tofix that you get down you get up a lot easier and a lot faster than I would soexactly is the one what we call our office, the lightstarted flickering called him. He said Yeah Ne Ne Mal scheme put in two newbombs. We don't even have to worry about bobs maintenance, free lifestyle, they takecare of it all. So that's that's the main reason we most this it as we ageeither becomes more and more difficult to do. The physical things that we'vebecome accustomed to doing your mine says I can do it. Your body said: Well,we used to be able to do it. Let's see if we can still do it and with as active and withvolunteering and things that you and clar are. This is perfect yeah, it isit's nice to be able to get in the car, go to our voluntar and come back, andwe know that we don't have any problem. The fels gone wrong. There's somebodycome facing. We don't have to worry about. Second, bringer blue or theTisane bad of this. If it has, somebody will fix it as it's, not your problemand you could bring your two cats to which a lot of people think and seeingyour living. You can't bring your pets, but you can have no clare as formerlyon the animal services. Borche just got off and knows a name of every dog inthis, because we have quite a few talks e but yeah you can you have to put onas so that when you move, if there have been damage in any way to the carpetsor any part of the apartment that he will pay to repair the damage, but it'snot. I can emerant and then I think it's four hundred lars per animal, butthe two year, leagues, that isn't bad sure yeah. But it's nice that you haveboth your cats here and they bring you a lot of entertainment and joy. Theduring the pandemic. Those cats kept my... wife saying, and you saying also a I yes, but they did they kept her occupy.They kept give her something to do when when there was no place to go and she does not take care, I do notbeing able to go out yeah to being cooped up, but the caskie gave herentertainment gave her something to something to keep her entertained and concentrate on the fact that hey, Ican't go out so many of us had to over the last year and a half yeah not beeneasy for anyone, especially for seniors. No and since most seniors haveunderlined health problems who have to be more cautious and that's why you seemore mask wary or more distancing or less going up m exactly and you bothgot coved didn't you. We both had over and Roll Roun Christmas recording toClare. I got and gave it to right and my daughter for wore say I gave it toher. So it's my fault. They all blame you about that, dag no surprise, but itwas not severe for either of US Bereagetting the infection at the same time, so she had a fever. I never had a fever.The only problem was the severe fatigue. Third or fourth day and I get up andbrush my teeth, I shaved and I went back to bed for a while. I was soexhausted. That was the part that really really bothered me being so fatigued all the time, especiallybecause you're always so energetic. Yes, I'm not used to being fritos to beingable to go oho, but no I couldn't come in is so well. I was or vaccinationsunable, also and we'll get our booster because they're saying six months aftera realthe end of this month, so yeah the vaccination extremelyimportant O. absolutely because even if you get to go it again, it'll be a muchmilder case and the mild case mean you probablywon't go to the hospital. A Lake. One of the hospital mean you don't get iton a ventilator La Sleeping and pneumonia, a lot of good reasons togonvinced. Absolutely I agree for everyone, so I know that's a hot topic,so people are both. Sides are very, verywell sifers, very anti each other. I know it's been ridiculous. It isridiculous. I agree with you strange times we live in so I'm sureyou've seen all kinds of interesting things through the years now. Oh yes,Oh yes. I remember, for example, when sucking up in the polio vaccine inbecause I knew some people in iron luns and you think that's no way to live nowin a live love all the time and I'm...

...thinking everyone pretty much lyingright up to get the vaccine right. Oh, yes, and of course, twenty years in thearmy, it wasn't a matter. Will you take it? It was step up. You get youwhatever vaccination, they wanted to give you. I remember. I got yellowfever one time just in case I might go with her jolof rite and I never wentthere but e wasn't a matter. Would you like to have this line up and get itwow? I kind of off topic, but I know you traveled everywhere you know. Sowhere was your favorite place to be northern idly without a doubt? You justthat's the one I spent well three O o e e n D and fifty two I was in Trieste,which used to be the port for the Ar Custon year, an empire and them part ofItaly, part of you S, love hit back to Italy, and then, when I was there busBritish United States zone, we took over the whole town. There was a porttown, of course, Loites Tino was the shipping firm and were allowed fivethousand troops that they had as many civilian positions aspossible with it with the US government there in the British government, sothey could have as many troops, but it was interesting. That's where I learnedto tell him, but by long I I o a lot with the garthe lakes up there, and youknow we we go up to Cortina and go go skiing. It was. It was a rough life yeah. It soundslike it a well good to to I'm sure an then I was in Germany. Fifty five andfifty eight, because I say in those early did years, a carton, cigarettesor a pound. A coffee would go a long way. You would buy furnice of furniture fora car miss like Richard Posicles, a High Demand Huh. Well, people hadfurniture, but they had no money. They might have the houses that he's livedin for years, but they needed money. Then I his food, and so you tried not to drive a hard bar gameat the same time they were, they were eager to get whatever. If they smoke aCARENA Sagres, O them was to tended to buy it to so a piece of friendship withthat was more years they were consumed so yeah it was. It was a different way of living, adifferent, unnecessary, a good way to live, but for us it was easy living in somerespects in that our money would wet a long way yeah. And how long were you inGermany, three years, pres three years of treaster three years in Germany andthat P, fifty five, fifty eight ten sixty undred and sixty three Verona,and then I moved up to France for from sixty three to sixty six. Since I, whenI retired from the army, I was in the border area in France, you know all agood one yeah, it's a tough WADA. I learn toappreciate the one yes I would like that. So what would youradvice be? Just kind of enclosing just for for seniors we've a going over thisvolunteer. This not don't sit, do...

...nothing, but after we moved here, we became friendlywith three other couples and we do a lot of things together to four couples.For example, one of us has a birthday the I of us. The person ever in theparty picks the place to eat. We up, they go out to it of us. Go out to eat,we play cards together. You nine companionship, staying by herself is away to deteriorate mentally. You need that companionship, where you have aninter change of ideas, of thoughts, disagreement to there's nothing wrongwith a disagreement as long as they're fairly polite. We don't agree witheveryone all the time, not even in our own family. So shortly after we moved in here, we knewthe one couple for a moved in and then the other two couples he categattogether and it makes a difference if everybody says well. Let's, let's godo this if the wives say, for example, they they got this haven of the seniorsing. Let's go to this in the mine en go long where they go very willingly or somewhat Willin, anddoesn't that affect? Is You you're out you're doing things and you're going tomeet other people the getting out and doing things staying somewhat to active, socially, that's the main thing say: A etaitsocially may not run your horizontal. You maynot find your brain getting a lot more mad. I find yourself getting a lot moreintelligence than you were, but the point is that you keep your brainactive. You keep your body active up to the point you can anyway. So why nowyou said you and Clare will walk around the building. Am your floor. Yes,because physical exercise is good also, theyhave a nice fitness room here with a lot of different machines, but the same time justgetting out walking claires decorated for for fall, Halloween falter, they're,doing both decorations right now, so we walked around the force floor and sawall the decorations now we're going to walk around the third floor and secondfloor with look at all the decorations and comment on them. Yeah. Of course, you need to stay as active as you canphysically and activation can mentally to be able to some what that you need anow to enjoy life review if you're going to live in okay, I'm going to beninety six, a million I like to work on computers, I like to do cross words. Ilike to read so I never got more during the year and a half of you, you have we been doing it and he reallya port, because I've got I've got all. I got the computers to work on andknowing that I'm helping someone when I give the computers to a person thatmakes me feel better but okay, tire working on computers for a while and dogross word puzzle got a Bot pick up a...

...magazine reader, something it brandyour horizon. It makes your mind thinke. You have to keep with body on mindworking for you to stay relatively happy and during this pandemic, stillrelatively happy was about as good as I Cote Manica. Absolutely, I think it'sgreat. I think what you're saying is, you know, have a purpose to thevolunteering o purpose. Do things that keep your mind active like with theCrossword Puzzles? Don't just sit down in front of a TV and stay down? No, Ilike to watch the rose. There's there's a few shows. I watch a very many bluebloods, for example. I E to watch like that one to and they're starting the new seriesexpat do some things for enjoyment. Reading I kind of get a lot some books,eroine tap me. She talked to me. I had realized thatthat was lost in that, but so there's its enjoyment, as well as asaccomplishment yeah and keep doing it, no matter your age, o Yeah Yeah,because you're busy the years ago away pretty fast, it's hard for me torealize that I will be ninety six and two weeks. I think that a number ofyears ago was that I'll never see sixty five, really, you thought that. Well,you get in the World War Two and your thinking, man sixty five as a long way. We people areOh, if I, after all the older you get. The younger sage isa condition of the mind. It is physical, of course, but that condition of themind can make you feel older than you are. Then you actually should feel, butthe middle you just let yourself get done. How old do you feel like if youdidn't know you're like you were Goin Ye Saol ye look at least twenty yearsyounger I don't like, which is why we'regetting on I'm walking. I don't like the fact that, okay, my body, isn't let me do some things. I'd liketo do it, and I know that with age, the more and more things willbe you're less able to do with them. You'd like to still be able to do them,but sometimes you need to force yourself to get out there and do something just alittle harder make your heart working a little arter make your muscles work alittle harder and you'll stay a little healthier a littlelonger. That's that's as good as you can hope for yeah. Absolutely, and evenyou know, I know like as our bodies as we get older. Maybe there's some thingsyou can't do any more like if you like, love to go to jogging or something. Butyou know you find other things right. You know it's like kind of replaces.For years. People rely on stop getting up on letters. Are you still getting aladder so sure io Ho at five years ago, that was aboutthe grade store, trying to adjust it?...

And it's only a three step letter and Ifell off into the drive on I got right back up. A erbout is one of my mantes.Once you stop doing something pretty, so you can't do it m you're right tothe muscles the mind, whatever all of a sudden, what we're doing now years ago,the kids kept it after me. Do it up in the road and after a while I began tothink that was a pretty good idea. A on is that that hard to get on the O,probably shouldn't get up there, but yeah. There are certain things you doand they become more difficult, but the minute you stop doing them they'reimpossible for you to do anymore. So do it as long as you can do it a logic,even if you don't do it as well as you would like to or it takes you longer todo it you're still doing it yeah except don't get on the roof. There's certainthings that probably you shouldn't do as you get ower. He don't you bounce aswell as you used to don't snow bones. Don't heal us is quickly yeah yeah within reason, keep doing what you cando and, of course, according to what I've been told, I'mnot an. I don't always listen to reason, but I again that's maybe why I keep going.I just think yeah. I can do that. That's great advice, as we close, Idon't know if you want to put it out there or not, but do you want computers?Do you want people to keep bringing them to you? No Yeah, okay, and Iparticularly would like someone I know he's going to be younger. She has to bebut like to take this over eventually, every computer that I refer rich takesabout ten hours to be a could be. Twelve all depends on.The computer depends on a lot of things, but I have talked to people of giving mecomputer to say I didn't know what to do with his computer as Heaven, theattic or a clause in the ground I didn't want to throw in the garbage. Ijust didn't know what to do with it until I found out that you did this andhere's your computer, so it's a service, but it's more than a service whenyou're giving to a veteran who's. Looking for a job, and some years ago, a veteran wassending resumes out on his phone, which is not easy. No, I can't imagine he. OnFriday I gave him a laptop and we had a vita get together on Saturday. He saidI sent two resumes out last night. He said it was so easy, and that is why we continue doing this becauseyou're helping people, just like the boys and girls- but I didn't know Iself in them, as somebody nodet wiser than I just I- that they need thecomputers which I have no idea, how much good it did for those children andwhat it will do for them in the future. To have this knowledge- and I have thecomputer, so I told my wife- I want to...

...slow down on computers and I havebecause I don't have as much room as I didn't. I N so usually only have one orone more Hendon do have a second one right now, where I should on herkitchen island, that's t supposed to so but yeah. Yes, I want to continue doingit. As I said, I just know you were here: I just had a lady bring one upfrom killer, how she got my name. I have no idea, but she brought me up,I'm working on it now. I have somebody waiting for it. So, yes, you have acomputer, say your Grog Addic, wherever that you're not using yes, I like tohave it so any kind like a laptop or just any kind of Conan a computer. Idon't have a big call for dust ups right now, however, Habitat insiststhat if I put it in the habit at house and must be a desktop okay, but I'm gonna lot harder to get rid ofyeah, so mostly their laptops is which you a lap up is what everybody wants toknow. Okay, so if anyone has laptops or computers anything that they arewanting to donate a do, you want them to reach out to me so you're notinundated, I can have, and I don't care okay, I've got. My phone number is twohundred four seven, five, five e e N D. fifty three text we can call me ordouglas a brown and for rising a net Douglas Abram. All one word rint, allright, we'll put it out there on the on the website to wife will be socompletely so please she's gonna not be so pleased. Well, you did say you have a store inJune. RISOR clar just won't tell her O. No, we won'ttell her. She won't listen to this. I so appreciate you being on thepodcast. With this dug and sharing your information want you on here for a longtime. I an we be we just go to for a long time, and I think it's importantfor seniors to realize. Staying busy is a key to stain happy if you're doingsomething you've fulfilled something in you. This says hey, then a pretty goodday and when you feel that you've helped somebody else, you feel e better,so yeah stay busy, absolutely we're going to close on those words, becausethat some wisdom right there. Thank you so much to appreciate youbeing on so in for a absolutely all right, we'll see you all next week,thanks for listening, bye, bye.

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