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Aging in Style with Lori Williams

Episode · 2 months ago

057. Top 5 Misconceptions about Senior Living


If you hear the words “senior living” and imagine a nursing home, you’re not alone. Senior Living Expert Lori Williams hears this from clients all the time! While it’s common for people to picture the sterile, dreary nursing homes of the 1970s, senior living has thankfully come a long way. There are many options, even upscale senior apartments with activities like resorts.

This is just one of the misconceptions you’ll learn about when it comes to senior living. You’ll learn other misconceptions that also answer common questions, like:

· What a nursing home actually is (and isn’t)

· The types of senior living options available

· If your pets can come with you to senior living

· Whether Medicare pays for senior living

And more.

Takeaways from this episode:

· There’s a wide variety of senior living available with different price ranges, sizes and levels of assistance required.

· Do your due diligence. Don’t just visit one facility - know your options and be sure to research what type of housing is best for your specific needs.

· Do what you need to do to thrive. Don’t let preconceived notions about senior living or concerns about pets keep you from living your best life.

· It’s common for your loved ones to say senior living is “only for old people” or they’re “not moving there.” However, the benefits are worthwhile!

Topics discussed:

· Senior living options

· Nursing homes

· Assisted living

· Medicare

· Pets and senior living

· Senior living research

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People seem for some reason to justhave this misconception stuck in their brains,that anything related to senior living is a nursing home, and it's like, Ithink they picture the full on like the s convalescence home, where it's justreally awful and sad and dreary, and that is not at all the. Maybe that's.Your Mom's grandmother was in a place like that, but there are so manyoptions and senior living has come. Such a long ways welcome to aging and stall with me,Lori Williams, I'm an optimist by nature, and I believe you can followyour dreams at any age. My grandmother's journey with dementiaignited a passion, an metoosah seniors. I've spent the past thirteen years,learning about seniors and aging. In my mid S, I followed my own dream andfound at my company, where I use my expertise to help seniors, locate,housing and resources on this podcast. We cover all aspects of aging joineseach week to meet senior living, expert...

...and inspiration seniors who arefollowing their dreams. The fact is, we're all aging, so why not do it instyle? Hi. Welcome to to day's episode ofaging and style with Laurie Williams, okay, so many times we talk aboutsenior living and we talk about how confusing it can be, how stressful, howthey're so so many options out there and it's you know easy to kind of loseyour way as you're searching for the right type of senior housing or seniorresources. So today I want to talk about the top five senior livingmisconceptions that are out there, and these are ones that I hear I don't knowprobably every day or every other day. So I think it's really important to getthis message out and I don't think I've probably said it. You know on some ofour other episodes, but I don't think I can say it too often because it stillkeeps coming up. So that's what we're...

...going to do today. We are just going towe're going to cover the five most asked questions that I think cause themost confusion or fear for people, and then you know once we get through this,hopefully it'll be you'll feel a little more educated about this. So all righthere we go the number one. Actually these are inno specific order, but I'm just going to say the first one we're going tostart with would be. I can't move my mom to a nursing home. I promised dadhe would never go to a nursing home, or maybe it's a senior calling themselvesand saying I am not going to a nursing home. Okay. What do you think a nursinghome is because all senior living is not nursing home. There are so so manyoptions, but people seem for some reason to just have this misconceptionstuck in their brains, that anything...

...related to senior living is a nursinghome, and it's like, I think they picture the full on like th s,convalescents home, where you know it's just really awful and sad and dreary,and that is not at all the. Maybe that's your mom's grandmother was in aplace like that, but there are so many options and senior living has come sucha long ways, and so very often I will get a call from someone and they'll sayit's time to move mom to a nursing, home and I'll say. Okay, what do youthink a nursing home is, and what do you mean by a nursing home and then inour conversation, will find out that Oh mom is a you know active seventy threeyear old, who just wants to be in a senior apartment? Basically, she justwants to be around other seniors and in a nice apartment, so not a nursing homeguys, not a nursing home. So I hope that helps when you think ofseeing your living. Not Everything is a...

...nursing home, so we have seniorapartments, independent, living, assisted living memory, care and carehomes and within all of those they're, all very different. There's differentprice ranges. There's sum are very fancy. Some are a little bit older.Some are smaller. Some are huge like resorts, so there are so so manyoptions out there. So don't limit your belief to thinking that anything seniorhousing related is a nursing home. So that's number one number two and this question comesalong at least a few times a week and I feelso bad when I have to burst the bubble. But people will call me and say: Okay,you know what it's time for my mom she needs. She needs care, she needs tomove, I'm thinking may be you know, assistant living or whatever it may be,and Medicare pays for that right. Sadly, no Medicare is your healthinsurance.

That's the easiest way. I can put it sothat's health insurance Medicare is going to cover. If you go to the doctor,your medications, it's going to cover hospitalization may cover some shortterm. Re have some home health, but it is not going to cover where you live.It's not going to cover for you to go, live in a senior apartment or anindependent living or assistant living or even in a long term, nursing care ora nursing home that dread it word, but it is simply your health insurance. Soit always makes me sad to burst their bubble, because I can just like seepeople I can just feel it like they just like deflate. When I tell them.Okay, Medicare is not going to cover senior living okay. So now that's twomisconceptions: We have addressed, let's hit the third one and this onejust happened today so you're in luck,...

I have a story for you, so I had a ladycall me and she said my mom needs assist a living. We have to move her.She has to go to assistant living. I okay! Well, you know tell me: What'sgoing on what's happening with your mom? Oh well, you know she's just kind oflonely at home she'd like to be around some other people and she really lovesto play bridge and that's it, and so I said, did she have any care needsbecause assistant living typically you're going to need some care a donefor you maybe help with bathing or dressing or medication? There's alwayssomething involved, and she said no, but I visited a local assistant livingand they said she can live there for five thousand. A month and I'm like M,but she doesn't need assistant living, do you just want to spend five and amonth, I'm very confused, and so we talked some more and quite honestly,what her mother need it and is what is going to be the perfect place for heris a senior apartment where she can...

...have her own place and it's going tocost about fifteen hundred a month of versus five thousand a month. Shedoesn't need meal, she doesn't need housekeeping, she doesn't need helpbathing or dressing, and there is no need for her to go to assist at living,but the assistant living were ready to take her, which really kind of makes meangry. I'M NOT gonna lie. I mean I feel like you should be honest withwhat people need, and sometimes people don't do their due diligence and I'vehad this happen before where someone will call me and say: Oh, my mom hasbeen living in an assistant living for five years, she's been paying fourthousand a month or whatever it may be, how she had no carenes. She was justliving there to get. You know meals and socialization and now she's wearing outof money and truly needs help. Those are the kind of stories that make me a little bit angry,I'm not going to lie because we could...

...have found something where she couldreceive the things that she needed for a lot less money and hold on to themoney for when she actually needed the care. So that's why I think it's soimportant one. Do Your due diligence don't go to just to one place and gookay. I believe that this is assistant. Living is what she needs and not beeducated, because in this case the lady I talked to you today. She did not needassistant living, so that is why you think it's so important to do yourresearch call me. This is what my service exists, for I just don't wantpeople making expensive mistakes or mistakes, it's just not to put someonein the wrong place when they don't need assistant living. That is not a help.Okay, so that's number three number four and you'll. I talk about this allthe time and I still get this question. Dad is not going to be able to movebecause he can not part with his little...

Chihuahua rex or whatever I can think of a name, so he cannot part with rex hisChihuahua guys. There are so many places that accept animals and evenhave little dog parks. I mean people in senior living. Okay, theyunderstand how important it is. You're having your animal that with you thatyou love whether it's a dog or a cat, as we've talked before that there aresome restrictions on breed and size of the animal, some places will value. Youknow two pets, or I haven't heard of many that allow three, but you knownormally one to two are allowed. They are walking trails in many places,there's actual dog parks that have been built. You know if you're, an assistantliving and can't care for the pet. There are many assistant livings thatfor an extra fee you can add on and they will take care of your pet for you.They will walk your little a Fufu dog...

...or your little Chihuahua, rex orwhatever. So so. Just know that you can bring your pet. Don't let it besomething that keeps you from moving forward, even though the best thing is.You know once you're at a point that you need the socialization, the meals,the housekeeping. You know if you're going to move to a place where you canthrive rather being in your home, where you're not thriving and you're onlystaying there because of your pet guys. You can take your pet with you. Soanyhow, sorry, I got really excited about that and then the fifthmisconception or question that I get all the time. I don't know,that's actually a question it does make me laugh because everyone is sosurprised by it, the adult children, but I get this call all the time. They'll say:Oh Laurie, my dad or my mom. They are not going to go. They say only oldpeople live in those places, only old...

...people and God loved them. You knowwhat, when I'm ninety, I'm probably going to be saying the same thing thatthese are just about to old people, but they all say it, and sometimes Ithink it's sort of like in fun and then other other circumstances. I think it'smaybe like kind of like a self defense sort ofthing that maybe I'm not ready for this, especially if it's, if they've gone tolook in a assistant living and maybe dad is really more. You know on theindependent side and sometimes I think it's fear like if you go and look at itcommunity and you know and people in their S S S, sure many are going to beusing assistive devices, you know walkers or maybe maybe a wheelchair orscooter but they're staying independent because they have these devices. Sodon't be surprised if your MOM or dad says I'm not moving there, because onlyold people live there. It's a pretty...

...common response. We all hear it. Italways, I think, kind of makes us chuckle a little bit, but it's just oneof those things that people say, but those are my top five senior livingmisconceptions and, as I said, I hear each of these probably you know acouple times a week, but I just want to to address those, because if I'mgetting these questions all the time, I'm betting, many of you are thinkingthe same thing and having the same question. So I think it's important toaddress them if you'll have questions or something. You really really want meto talk about on the show, peas. Send me a message I would love to know whichall er thinking what things have you a little bit confused out there and Iwill certainly do a show, or at least direct you to some resources. As always,I appreciate you listening to the show and you can go check out all thepodcast episodes on my website, which is Larry Williams, Dash Senior ServiceScom, and please share the podcast and... with your friends and family.We are on my goodness: Apple spotify, Google, I heart radio and Alexa and, ofcourse, on my website, thanks for listening- and we will see you nextweek, I.

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